How to Test Firefox Private Network (FPN) outside the US

Mozilla has brought back it’s airplane pilot program once more and one experiment is prepared to check in Firefox browser. these days the corporate has introduced new “Firefox personal Network” (available via AN extension) to users on the desktop within the United States of America. The FPN is nothing however a VPN service high-powered by Cloudflare (which is additionally the default DNS resolver for solfa syllable in Firefox), however not ProtonVPN.

After closing Firefox airplane pilot Program in Gregorian calendar month 2019, the corporate has relaunched it and claims, their personal network can defend after you use Public wireless fidelity and from trackers and websites that track you.

The company says {in a|during a|in AN exceedingly|in a very} diary post “The Firefox personal network in an extension that provides a secure, encrypted path to the net to guard your association and your personal info anyplace and all over you utilize your Firefox browser”.

FPN in beta is presently accessible within the United States of America solely and you would like to sign into Firefox Account to access the service. Fret not, you’ll still check Firefox personal Network in Firefox browser from any Country within the World, here is however.
Installing Firefox personal Network extension in Firefox from outside the United States of America
All you would like to try and do visit FPN web {site} from a Proxy site to feature the extension, for that,

1. Visit FireX Proxy extension page on AMO And install it.

2. Click on its icon on the toolbar and scroll down till you discover “United States”, click on “Apply” button for that.
3. currently move to and exhausting reload the page if the page is already open before putting in the extension, click the “Add to Firefox” button.
4. permit the extension to be put in by clicking the “Add” button once Firefox asks for your confirmation

5. Click on FPN icon on the toolbar and sign into Firefox account to start out victimisation the service.
After that, you’ll see Firefox personal Network’s ” On” Screen after you click on its toolbar icon.
Mozilla clarifies users can see a lot of variations of their testing for personal Network and hopes that method offers them feedback to explore a lot of rating choices for his or her VPN service.

Are you able to pay and use FPN once it comes out of beta and accessible for the public?

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