OMG ! Windows 11 could run on Linux

With Microsoft clench UNIX system ever additional tightly, would possibly it do the so far impossible and dump the National Trust kernel in favor of the UNIX system kernel? No, I’m not prepared for the Bedlam. because it prepares Windows eleven, Microsoft has been giving birth the groundwork for such a radical unharness.


I’ve long toyed with the concept that Microsoft may unharness a desktop UNIX system. currently I’ve started taking that concept additional seriously — with a twist. Microsoft may replace Windows’ internal organ, the National Trust kernel, with a UNIX system kernel.

It would still appear as if Windows. for many users, it might still work like Windows. however the engine running it all would be UNIX system.

Why would Microsoft do this? Well, have you ever been being attentive to Windows lately? it’s been one botch once another. simply within the previous few months there was the written account backup fail and various and regular machine-hobbling Windows updates. In fact, updates have fully grown thus sloppy you have got to significantly wonder if it’s safer to remain receptive attacks or “upgrade” your system with a dodgy patch.
Remember once property your Windows system get automatic patches monthly was nothing to stress about? I do. Good times.

Why is that this happening? the foundation reason for of these issues is that, for Microsoft, Windows desktop computer code is currently a back-burner product. It needs your company to maneuver you to Windows Virtual Desktop and replace your existing PC-based computer code, like workplace 2019, with software-as-a-service (SaaS) programs like workplace 365. It’s obvious, right? no one in Redmond cares any longer, thus quality assurance for Windows the desktop is being flushed down the rest room.

Many of the issues afflicting Windows don’t reside within the operational system’s higher levels. Instead, their roots square measure at bottom within the National Trust kernel. What, then, if we tend to may replace that rotten kernel with a recent, healthy kernel? perhaps one that’s being well-kept to this point by a worldwide cluster of ardent developers. Yes, my bias is showing, however that’s UNIX system, and it’s an answer that produces heaps of sense.
What’s that? You can’t run your Windows applications on Linux? Wrong.

CrossOver and Wine are doing it for many years currently. This works by translating Windows system calls into UNIX system calls.

Ah, you recognize regarding Windows compatibility layers, however you can’t get past the actual fact that CrossOver doesn’t work with everything? consider this: Its developers don’t have access to Windows’ full arthropod genus and system calls. Microsoft’s computer code engineers, of course, do.

Is this simply the fantasy of a hard-core UNIX system aficionado with very little basis in reality? No. For one issue, I’m quite content mistreatment my Mint portable computer, and what happens in Windows world is of very little real concern to Maine. however additional significantly, Microsoft has already been doing a little of the required work. Windows scheme for UNIX system (WSL) developers are functioning on mapping UNIX system API calls to Windows, and the other way around. With the primary version of WSL, Microsoft connected the dots between Windows-native libraries and programs and UNIX system. At the time, Carmen Crincoli tweeted: “2017 is finally the year of UNIX system on the Desktop. It’s simply that the Desktop is Windows.” WHO is Carmen Crincoli? Microsoft’s manager of partnerships with storage and freelance hardware vendors.

Since then, Microsoft has been drawing Windows and UNIX system ever nearer. With WSL 2, Microsoft started as well as among Windows Insiders releases its own in-house, custom UNIX system kernel to underpin WSL. In different words, Microsoft is currently shipping its own UNIX system kernel, that works hand-in-glove with Windows.

Why not take consecutive natural step? Microsoft may still encourage users to prevent mistreatment ancient desktops in any respect and accompany the cloud, whereas giving the foot-draggers a way more stable and secure old-school version of Windows that simply happens to run on high of UNIX system.

Crazy? Well, thus was the concept that a Microsoft chief operating officer would rise and say, “Microsoft loves UNIX system.” thus was the terribly thought that the foremost used software system on Microsoft Azure would be UNIX system, not Windows Server. And WHO would have ever thought Microsoft would open up its profitable patent portfolio to ASCII text file and UNIX system developers — for free?

As I’m keen on speech communication, whenever folks refuse to believe that Microsoft is currently open-source-friendly: “This isn’t your dad’s Microsoft.”

Will Microsoft unharness a Linux-based Windows? I don’t understand. What I do understand is that it’s been taking the mandatory steps to form such a desktop software system potential. and in contrast to with the Microsoft of recent, surprises do happen.

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