Download Skype old version – Skype Classic 7.41

Skype classic 7.40 or 7.41 which skype old version is still available to download from here. Microsoft has release the latest Skype 8 in 2018. Which have great UI and Windows 10 concept based flat Graphics. People were used to like Skype classic which was the best version till date comes with such great features that people avoid to update to latest version. We will discuss the features of the skype classic below. We also have Skype portable in which you don’t need to install it you can directly use it just plug and play.

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Features in Skype old version – Skype classic 7.41

Below is the list of features in Skype classic old edition that is not available in new Skype.

  • Compact viewing mode (that is, splitting the interface of Skype into two windows).
  • Network statuses “Away” and “Offline”.
  • Clearing all history.
  • Use of contact lists.
  • Effective search with partial match of words in chats.
  • Configuring the webcam (for example, specifying the contrast).
  • Changing the font settings in the chat.
  • Customizing sounds for calls, messages and other events.
  • Kick a user from a group call.
  • Navigation in the chat (for example, jump to the previous month).
  • Send your contacts to other Skype users.
  • Customize hotkeys (including the ability to send messages using CTRL+Enter).
  • Editing contact information (for example, specifying phone number).
  • Specify how long to store chat history.
  • Customize notifications (for example, someone comes online or celebrates his birthday).
  • Option to enable sound notifications in the active chat.
  • Customize different audio devices for ringing and talking.
  • Saving received files in automatic mode.
  • Hiding avatars of contacts.
  • Increase the duration of the video message (at least one minute).
  • Video snapshots Gallery.
  • Starting the call by double clicking on the contact.
  • Proxy configuration.
  • Create moderated group chats.
  • Skype Group Policies.
  • Automatically insert the highlighted word when searching.

Download Skype old version

Here you can download Skype old version you can choose any of following version.

skype old version, skype classic 7.41

Download Skype Classic 7.41



Download Skype Classic 7.40


Skype 7.40 [classic] was originally considered as the final version of the old Skype installer. However, Microsoft had to take down the download links for Skype Classic from the official website in February 2018. It was due to a security issue with the online installer that installs Skype Classic 7.40. Here is a screenshot that was taken from the Microsoft community discussing the security threat affecting Skype Classic customers.

The security issue got a fix with the release of the Skype Classic However, as said before, Microsoft discontinued the software on 01-11-2018. As of 01-03-2019, you can still download the Classic edition 7.41 from the Skype website, but it is useless as the sign-in is not possible from Windows.



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